Don Spivey Jesus

The Divinity of Jesus

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human at the same time. His virgin birth gives proof of this matter (Luke 1:35). Furthermore, there are several verses in Scripture that reveal Jesus as God (John 1.1; 1.18; 20:28; Romans 9.5; Titus 2.13; Hebrews 1.8; and 2 Peter 1.1). There are several instances in the NT where Jesus is referred to as Lord (Kyrios). There are nearly 7,000 instances in the OT where the same word is used to refer to God. Consequently, when a Greek reader would read the words of the NT, they would understand that Jesus was being referred to with the same language found in the Greek OT (Septuagint). Another strong proof of the deity of Christ is found within the seven different “I Am” statements in the book of John. Jesus consistently referred to himself in this manner. The Jewish listeners knew for certain that Jesus was claiming deity. His claim of deity is why they wanted to kill him.

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