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Don Spivey


Just the other day I was at a local tattoo parlor. I went in with a couple of ideas, not sure exactly what I was going

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Don Spivey Jesus

The Divinity of Jesus

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human at the same time. His virgin birth gives proof of this matter (Luke 1:35). Furthermore, there are

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Don Spivey Baptism


Baptism is one of the two ordinances that Jesus Christ left the church to perform. Baptism is only to be done to those who have

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Don Spivey Bible

The Bible

I believe that the 66 books of the Bible are what we are supposed to have and are correct without error. I believe that the

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Don Spivey Evangelism


Evangelism is the proclamation of the Gospel to unbelievers. Evangelism is speaking about the good news, the message of Jesus to those who do not

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My personal everyday goal is to build relationships with people, inviting them to a personal relationship with Jesus, equipping them for their ministry, and encouraging them in their spiritual growth.