Don Spivey Baptism


Baptism is one of the two ordinances that Jesus Christ left the church to perform. Baptism is only to be done to those who have confessed Jesus Christ as their savior. Therefore, infant baptism does not qualify as a Biblical view of baptism. Furthermore, the Biblical mode of baptizing is to be dipped or plunged under water. Romans 6.34 tells us that we are buried by baptism. Baptism is the symbol of death and resurrection to newness of life. When speaking to children about Baptism, I ask them, “How do you know who is on your team?” Usually, they will respond, “by the uniform that they are wearing.” I go on to tell them that Baptism is like a uniform that identifies what team we are on. Furthermore, baptism is our first step of obedience in a life that is following Christ.

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