Don Spivey Attractional Missional

Attractional Vs Missonal

I believe that attractional vs. missional has become an unfortunate debate among church leaders. When planning worship gatherings for my current ministry context, I always want the gathering to lift Jesus up, be beneficial to the believer, and accessible to the non-believer. In most cultural contexts, people do not attend church simply because they have cool lights, good music, and engaging teaching, and great children’s ministry space. However, people attend worship because they were invited by a friend. In saying those things, when their non-believing friend attends worship, we need to have the elements I listed to help them access the service and hopefully through relationships and environmental content they will return. We see this play out throughout the New Testament. Jesus said to “go and tell,” and he said, “come and see” and Philip said, “Come and see.” We see this tension in the first church too. Acts chapter 2 says that they would gather and that they would go. Attractional vs. Missional is not a tension to be solved; rather it is a tension to be managed. I remember Andy Stanley at Catalyst speaking on the subject of tension. This statement has stuck in my mind, and I have found it to be very true. “There are some tensions that are not meant to be solved; rather they are meant to be managed.” I think Attractional vs. Missional is one of those tensions.

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